Off to Cannes, 2012

In Cannes, since 2005, the ceremony of OFF TO CANNES to discover and reward the talents of tomorrow, during the Cannes Film Festival.

Created in 2011 by Alain Gomis ZIRAH and Anne, THE DIGITAL FILM CONTEST (7 CATEGORY) is organized on the official website of OFF TO CANNES: and Facebook Group The Off Cannes.

Thanks to this contest on the web, OFF TO CANNES complement the International Film Festival with a rejuvenation of the public because the New Talent speak today with digital cameras posted on the web. They are the vanguard of the Cannes festival of 2020.

Alain ZIRAH, President of OFF TO CANNES 2011 is surrounded by a dynamic team with which he develops this contest at www-off-of-rods (directed by Georges GOMIS).

Seeking a talented and forward thinking projects, GOMIS Anne, the manager of OFF TO CANNES, gives a voice to artists who bring meaning to art in 2020.

Solene GUIONNET decided to go for OFF OF CANNES, research talent in the streets of Cannes, his desire is to "reward a young talent that revolves around the Cannes Film Festival and is never seen."

Thanks a lot for all professionals who have the honor to participate in the evening to present artists of OFF TO CANNES 2012 22 May 2012 at the ATRIUM BEACH, projection cinema THE ARCHES and ceremony awards ceremony on 23 May 2012 CARLTON BEACH. During these events, Alain Gomis ZIRAH and Anne were able to show the public the following artists:
• Parade swimwear brand PHAX
• Fahaid SANOBER, young fashion designer (18 years) and his team: Jennifer and Hermine who directed her third fashion show (The first parade was held for the ceremony OFF TO CANNES 2011 at Villa Oxygene).
• QUEST Kennie, singer, for her show Tribute to James Bond, Francesco, Sean Connery lookalike (The OFF TO CANNES presented Kennie Quest for the ceremony OFF TO CANNES 2011 at Villa Oxygene).
• Larisa Katz (discovery OFF TO CANNES 2010, have now become a benchmark in the fashion), Tinus D. FREAKYSTEEL and Selina of MAEYER for their fashion show
• Ron LLOYD (song + dance) with her dancers
• Alex ALISTAIR, singer-songwriter (Discovery ZIRAH Alain Gomis and Anne)

For this year's jury is chaired by Max HOWARD, animation specialist who worked on such films as The Little Mermaid or The Lion King. At his side:

• HRH Princess Esther Kamatari Godmother, former model and politician
• Alan Reeves, musician and composer with 35 awards
• GACCIO Bruno, author of the Puppets for Canal +
• Bernard RAMEL, music producer (Kool & The Gang, Lionel Richie ...)
• Larisa Katz, fashion designer from Russia, living in Holland
• Tinus. D FREAKYSTEEL, Dutch artist and designer of Fashion
• Selina De Maeyer, fashion photographer, Belgian
• Kriss Benard, animation specialist and post-production
• Zachary James Miller, U.S. producer and official representative of Barack Obama
• Aissatou Thiam, actress in film and television


After the films shortlisted for cinema THE ARCHES, then at CARLTON BEACH, the awards ceremony of OFF TO CANNES 2012 was held at CARLTON BEACH chaired by Mr Max Howard, producer of the film "The Lion King". And the winner is .....
• Best Actor: Jicey CARINA in the movie "The unfortunate chance to meet" Charly G.
• Best Actress: Mari Yoshida in the film "The Blood" of William Tauveron
• Best Screenplay: "misunderstanding Lovers" by Damien Dupuis and Raphael MOURADIAN
• Best Director: Chris EGLOFF
• Best Music: "Black Aluminium" - Anacole Daalderop, Grand Prix of Music OFF THE CANNES 2012
• Better adaptation of the theme "The Meaning of Life": Cliché, a film Rejane AVAZERI
• The heart shot: Nosce IPSUM TE (Know Thyself)
Best Director: RUBY Rejane
Best Actor: Thierry Lemoine

Alain Gomis ZIRAH and Anne are pleased to present to guests at the film THE ARCADE two great Russian artists discovered by Stella Art International:
Irina ALAVERDOVA Moscow for its nostalgic pastels on Marilyn Monroe
and Alexey Chirkov of St. Petersburg for its impressive mosaic portraits of Bonaparte to Nanni Moretti, president of the jury at Cannes in 2012. A Grand Prix Special painting OFF TO CANNES 2012 is awarded to Alexey Chirkov (category Visual Arts) tied with Irina ALAVERDOVA (painting category). With congratulations to Stella KALININA for its beautiful presentation of 17 May 2012 YACHT CLUB.

We thank our partners:
Emmanuelle HERARD (Champagne Bubbles Jazz)
IEJ (European Institute of Journalism): Pape Diouf, Jean-Pierre FOUCAULT, Nathalie Paoli, Loise-Isabelle DELASSUS, Virginia Huleux Tony PIRO
ESBAM (Ecole Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Marseille) for trophies made by Coline Mariem Tabita

A big thank you to all team members of OFF TO CANNES 2012: Imane BESS, Romain LEBEAU, Sebastien KOCET, Christian Carniel, Lydia MESEGUER, Guillaume Gomis, Oceane, to Kessy and Mary De Vivo (The TANK) and SMOOTHBOX , our official photographer: Alex Rochant, Fox Franz KENNEDY and Romain Duval for their dedication and efficiency to our loyal and presenter Patrick LACHAUD of THE LOCAL TV.

Thank you to the media partners who have supported and followed the events of OFF TO CANNES:
The Express, Canal +, Directstar, The Local TV, Le Figaro,, Var-Matin, L'Hebdo de Marseille, Radiostar,, LeBlogreporter, Cinemaniac & Cinemaniacannes, MajeOfficiel, RJM radio, Radio Galerius, Radio Dialogue ...
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